FOX News' Dana Perino Complains Blaming Bush 'Is Getting Annoying'

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Fox News hires as many ex-Bushies as they can get and there's a good reason for that. They all play a role. Like when they need someone to slam the UN, you can practically hear Roger Ailes scream, "Come on down, John Bolton!" Dana Perino went to bat for her ex-boss, George Bush, who under his watch damaged our society and economy so badly that you're lucky if you can get a cup of tap water and bag of chips on four hour plane ride. Eric Bolling is not an ex-Bushie, but is trying to get more face time on Fox. He's a very boring flame-thrower type if that makes sense to you. He says the most outrageous things - trying to be the next Beck, but lacks the delivery necessary to give it that Tabasco kick. Instead you get soggy Fritos. Anyway, the S&P downgrade has Bolling, Fox and Perino getting mad that George Bush's name still gets mentioned since the markets and our economy collapsed under his leadership.

Bolling:...A lot of finger pointing is going on in the Obama White House at your former boss, George Bush saying 'we inherited that recession, we inherited that debt, that malaise,' guess what they also inherited from you and your boss? An AAA credit rating. Weigh in on the first ever downgrade on American debt.

OK, I'll stop right there and say that Bolling is so stupid he made our points for us. While trying to find something positive to give Bush credit for in his eight year destructive career, he backed up the truth that Shrub screwed America's financial markets and our budget surpluses, but by the time Wall Street collapsed, he was leaving office so we still had an AAA rating by S&P. Thanks for the help, Eric.

Perino; The blaming Bush stuff is kinda expected, kind of annoying. If they think they're going to go into the next election year and they could win...

It was annoying that we had to live through the Bush years, Dana. Watching what we saw his administration do to America and all. It's kind of annoying listening to you complain about the mention of Bush's name, but I can always change the channel. By the way, where is Bush these days? He's been excommunicated by the GOP from the political scene since the day he left office since the GOP worries when his face does pop up on a TV screen. His mug does tend to remind Americans about his presidency which is not a good thing for Republicans. That's just a fact.

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