Was Biden's speech political and divisive? Yes, it was. Because that is what we need right now: Someone telling the truth about what happened and why.
January 7, 2022

Fox News host Dana Perino attacked President Biden's very powerful January 6 speech for being, in her words, too divisive.

At the conclusion of President Biden's January 6 speech, Fox News cut away to the studio and host Dana Perino.

“The president spoke for a bit over 20 minutes that followed the Vice President’s remarks in which she called for the passage of the voting rights bill that hangs in the Senate," Perino observed. "The president, though, his remarks were more pointed and quite political I would say, divisive in many ways.”

Dana didn't like the approach or tone President Biden took because apparently the truth is divisive. It is -- between people who acknowledge the truth and the ones who lie about what happened.

Bret Baier was surprised how many times Biden mentioned Trump without using his name in the speech.

Perino came back in again and blasted Biden for making this a political speech instead of a "Kumbaya let's all come together" moment. Perino felt Biden should have explained how great the founding fathers were as well.

It's okay if almost all of Fox News guests and hosts spread lies and conspiracies that the 2020 election was stolen and continually elevate Traitor Trump's election fraud nonsense continuously, but when President Biden gives an honest assessment to the American people of the horror that was caused by Trump, he's being too political.

Trump never, ever tried to play nice with the Democratic party pr serious with the American people so the results were a failed coup attempt.

I'd say that was a bit too political and divisive for my taste.

Charlie Pierce writes:

Was the speech political? Of course, it was. The violence of a year ago was political violence with a distinctly political goal. The president’s trade is politics. What did people expect, a novena?

Was the speech divisive? God, I hope so. It should have been. There should be a division between democratic self-government and the violence of the mob. That division should be stark. That division should be permanent—or, at least, it should continue to exist until political violence again is delegitimized. It was a political and divisive speech, and I thank god for it.

Standing ovation, Charlie.

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