Fox Whacko Ralph Peters Smacks Down Bill O'Reilly's Lunatic Iranian Naval-Blockade Idea


(h/t Heather@Video Cafe)

Did you ever hear conservatives and teabirchers yell at George Bush for not de-fanging Iran's nuclear program in his eight-year reign? Nope. Well, in O'Reilly's warmonger segment from last night, Obama is a foreign policy failure because he doesn't yell loud enough at Iran and won't coddle Netenyahu's every hawkish phrase. That sizes up this portion of the foreign policy debate we'll likely see leading up to the actual foreign policy debate.

But the real hilarity begins towards the end of the segment when Bill O'Reilly unveils his super fantastic solution to the "Iranian crisis". Now transcribing this was tough because it read like an orgy-fantastic war fetish of some kind.

O'Reilly; Here’s what I would do Colonel, now you’re the strategic analyst and then we’ll let Kirsten have the last word. I would draw up a naval blockade of Iran and I would make those plans public and I would say to the world if they don’t let the UN inspectors in at a certain time, in whatever time it may be, you say a certain time US and NATO allies, coalition of the willing if you will.

We’re going to block it, nothing in nothing out. OK? That’s what we’re going to do. And if you challenge the blockade, we'll do what we have to do like the Cuban missile crisis, same thing -- not gonna do it, not gonna let your nukes in Cuba. Kennedy did that. Not gonna let your nukes in Iran. BANG! That’s what we’re gonna do, So you’ve either got to stop now and not force us to do it because if you force us to do it, we’re gonna do it and then it’s going to be really, really bad for you. Cause we’re not gonna pull it right out. What’s wrong with that, Colonel?

Peters: Iran’s not Cuba, it’s not an island. Most of its weaponry and black market supplies come from Russia.

O'Reilly; Yeah, but you starve 'em.

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Peters: If you do a blockade, Bill, suddenly you’re in it with China too.

O'Reilly; China, absolutely.

Peters: You either whack Iran or if necessary or you do a blockade and then you’re in it with Iran, Russia and China.

O'Reilly; You’re gonna be in it with Russia and China anyway because they’re not going to go along with it

Peters: Are we going to stop Chinese ships at sea by force?

O'Reilly; You have too.

Peters: Look, I rarely disagree with you, but on this one I gotta and the bottom line for me is this. Romney is preferable 'cause, as you said, he will back Israel. Obama’s dislike for Israel is just visc-er-al. (extra emphasized snark sounds)

See what I mean? So, BillO wants to not only go to war with Iran, but also engage Russia and China in military hostilities. In for a penny I say!

When a cranky warmonger like Ralph Peters makes you out to be a know nothing by pointing out that Iran isn't an island and thinks your plan is crap; well BillO comes out looking like a horse's ass---again.


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