Mitt Romney Knows No Shame—With Attack Ad On Newt Gingrich

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I never thought an attack ad produced by Republicans that attacks another Republican would ever make me mad, but I was wrong—even if the attack is directed at Newt Gingrich.

Republican hypocrisy is frustratingly typical and we often write about it on C&L, but this Romney Super PAC ad is disgusting because it exposes just how far these allegedly non-affiliated groups will go, as it accuses Gingrich of the exact character flaws that define Romney as both a man and as a politician. Namely, flip flopping on all issues and supporting a health care mandate, which is a key component of Romney's own health care bill in MA.

Voice over: And Newt was a long-time supporter of a national health care mandate, the centerpiece of Obama-care. The Gingrich record, thirty years in Washington, flip flopping on issues...

I was on The Alyona Show on RT television to discuss the two year anniversary of the Citizens United decision. Alyona asked me if Newt was really angry over the Super PAC ads that have been hammering him, and I said "Absolutely."

Republicans love the Citizens United decision because it allows them to buy our political system like never before, and Newtie supports that. However, when a person is on the receiving end of the attacks, it stings. That's human nature.

I doubt he expected to be on the receiving end of Super PAC attack ads when the court handed down its decision, or if he did anticipate it, he probably thought he'd be able to out-spin them. It hasn't worked out that way, as these types of ads defeated him in Iowa. Newt fell flat on his face in the Florida debates and these ads will help cement his defeat there too, if the vote turns out the way the new polls are showing.

Mitt Romney is pro-choice one minute, then pro-life the next. First he's pro-stem cell research, then later, anti-stem cell research. It's a recurring theme for his entire political career. He has no passion, has no ideals, and has no principles except his yearning to win the presidency. And that's a big reason why the GOP voters are so turned off to him as their nominee. If he needed to run as a "Know Nothing" candidate in a particular state, he would have no problem doing that either. No wonder Gingrich put a scare into the entire GOP establishment after his SC win, in spite of the fact that Newt's part of that establishment too.

This ad is disgraceful, and as Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny! said in a tweet: "Willard has no shame".

But Romney has planned long and hard for this moment, so he and his "unaffiliated" PAC will stop at nothing. And when the general election comes around, the ad wars are going to be uglier than you can imagine. Buckle up.


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