O'Reilly's Narcissistic Hilarity

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What do you think Bill O'Reilly's top story was after this weekend? Was it Palin's SNL appearance. Since he worships her, I thought that might be it. Nope. How about Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. That was a pretty big deal, especially for a guy like BillO who says he's an independent and all. Nope...Maybe McCain attacking Obama and calling him a socialist because Bill does not want to pay any more in taxes and loves McCain's tax policies. Nope. What about taking a look at the latest polls? Nada. Barney Frank? No, again.

OK, BillO's top segment was a bash fest against Sherrod Brown because when he opened for Obama in Ohio, Brown said Bill O'Reilly would have tears running down his cheeks if Obama becomes President.

Brown: You're going to pan over to Bill O'Reilly, if you got this good TV, you're going to see a little tear coming down the side of his eye.


Brown: O'Reilly looks into the camera and said, I gotta announce that Barack Obama won the state of Ohio.

BillO masks it by saying it's the liberal establishment on the march as he then attacks the NY Times. And guess who he brings out as his first guest of the show? Bernard Goldberg, his top media watch dog. What happened to Jane Hall?

Yep. With all that's happening in this country and around the world, BillO still has to focus on any mention of his name as his top priority, no matter how small it is.

O'Reilly's narcissism has no limits.


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