Over-Paid Flea Bite, Rush Limbaugh Calls Elizabeth Warren A 'Parasite'

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And so the Conservative assault on Elizabeth Warren begins.

Limbaugh: You know who the real parasite here is. It's Elizabeth Warren.

I'm familiar with being called a parasite by the likes of Glenn Beck. I wear as badge of honor.

Beck: Most Democrats still love America, they love the founders and they love the Constitution and believe in this country. But then there's another group and they have infiltrated not just the Democratic party, but the Republican party...

Speak softly and carry a big stick. blah, blah, blah...We got this from an insider. Wait until you hear this story. The co-chair of the CPC...

How many times have I said they are like a virus feeding on the host of republic.

The progressives are parasites inside the democrat....The California progressives weren't the only ones upset. John Amato of CrooksandLiars wrote on Huffington Post.

"for Woolsey to holding a fundraising events for a known Blue Dog should be a firing offense for the CPC."

Progressives Democrats for America joined in, They started an online petition asking her to withdraw from the event. Woolsey said no. I don't know how this story ends quite frankly it's California and it's all going to end in a mudslide right into the bottom of the ocean eventually anyway, but let me tell you something. The last time the progressives were in this position and they started gobbling power and they exposed themselves people caught on and hated them.

It's still an odious thing to say about somebody. And that type of language speaks to the "eliminationist" rhetoric and ideas that conservatives use to attack progressives all the time. They don't want to defeat us, they want us wiped off the map. Deleted from existence with no room for cache recovery. Glenn Beck hopes California will be lost in a mudslide and all its people will be extinguished with it. Rush goes on to worry about Warren's pension benefits. How much money does Rush make a year for calling Liberals "parasites?"

Rush Limbaugh just agreed to an eight-year, $400-million-plus extension with Clear Channel to stay on the air. Limbaugh’s deal includes an upfront $100-million signing bonus, which means the annualized average salary will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $37 million through to 2016.

Limbaugh: She's a parasite who hates her host. Willing to destroy the host while she sucks the life out of it.

Anyway, the attacks have begun. The Politico and Mark Halperin have also entered the fray.

You can donate to our Blue America Senate page where E. Warren is listed along with Bernie because the right wing will do anything to stop her.


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