Rush Limbaugh Calls Reid And Pelosi 'Terrorists'

Mr. Blue Pill goes on another hate-speech rant as he usually does and attacks his usual targets, Pelosi and Reid.

Maybe, he continued, the U.S. is fighting the wrong enemy:

"It could well be, ladies and gentlemen, that we're fighting the wrong enemy in the Middle East. Maybe the real terrorists that we face are on Capitol Hill. I mean, really, who's doing as good a job to undermine what this country stands for as the terrorists? 'Dingy' Harry, Nancy Pelosi. I mean, look, if they call us 'hostage takers' and 'gangsters,' then why can't we call them what they are? They are terrorists. They certainly seem suicidal. Look at what they're doing. Look at what they did. They knew they were going to get shellacked in this election and they did it! They knew they were gonna lose. And they want to take us with them."

I don't care if he uses Mob related analogies, but calling members of Congress "terrorists" and constantly playing up the race card is way out there. I know Al Sharpton is breathing down on Limbaugh's neck for his outwardly racist comments, but the FCC is as feckless a body as there is.

I'm glad this is driving right wingers nuts because it doesn't take much to tweak them. When Rush plays the race card he takes this country back 60 years in race relations within the US and that's a very dangerous proposition. Hey, he loves to party like it's 1909, but there weren't any blue pills back then to keep up his stamina.

Rush Limbaugh could see a deal with prosecutors in a long-running prescription fraud case collapse after authorities found a bottle of Viagra in his bag at Palm Beach International Airport. The prescription was not in his name.

I don't know of anyone that has fraudulent scripts written for Viagra, but that goes to the character of the man.


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