Ted Nugent And Sherrif Joe Arpaio Meet For Dinner To Heart Each Other

What do you get when you put a draft dodging, conservative 70's rock guitarist and a xenophobic and possibly corrupt Arizona sheriff? Dinner with Wingnuts. FOX Phoenix:

They come from two different worlds, but Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and rocker Ted Nugent do see eye to eye on the issue of illegal immigration.

That was a topic of discussion at a dinner date between the two Monday night.

The two see eye to eye on pretty much everything -- just two friends from two very different backgrounds, having dinner, and they let us crash the party.

Nugent is still known for his guitar playing, but these days his conservative politics are becoming just as well known. He's even a special deputy in the sheriff's office.

"He's a captain. If he does good we'll make him a colonel," chuckles Arpaio. Nugent was sworn in last year and since then the two have stayed in touch. Nugent was invited to dinner at Bobby Q's near Dunlap and I-17 in Phoenix, and he asked the sheriff to come along. So what does Nugent like so much about Sheriff Joe?

"How about truth and logic and the American way and doing the right thing whether it's politically correct or not. Getting the job done protecting the citizens and enforcing the law… what I just mentioned is all the right things and all the obvious common sense thing to do. And he is my common sense guy," he says.

Nugent has become well known for his support of gun rights and his distaste for some prominent Democrats. He's also heavily involved in the DARE program

They may come from two different worlds which would be law enforcement and music, but they carry the same ideological background. And they both like to hunt things except Joe hunts people.

Stephen Colbert abuses Ted Nugent's last column in the Washington Times which attacks American youth and calls them 'stoned on apathy.'

: Millennials sleep as their future crumbles

While I personally condemn violence of any kind, I am stunned that they are not participating more in the Tea Party, even rioting in the streets, clashing with the cops, conducting sit-ins at their colleges, interrupting political events and so on. Instead, the young people of this generation appear to be sound asleep, lethargic and seemingly unaware of how badly their generation is being royally abused by the deep-seated corruption and abuse of power in the government. They appear to be terminally stoned on apathy.

Ted is condemning violence but is calling for riots in the streets. Shockingly, Wall Street, Banks and corporations were spared his ire. See, that's who would benefit from Nugent's riots.

Young Americans were politically naive in 1960 but at least willing to be engaged. Although I remember the various protests and marches, I was either squirrel hunting or putting a sharp edge on my sonic guitar-slaying skills, having not awakened to my “we the people” duties quite yet. Regrettably, I knew nothing about politics and, sadly, little of our nation’s history.

I lived in the 60's and 70's too and protests and riots were initiated because of the draft which forced us to be sent to Vietnam. That didn't end too well for over fifty thousand of American youths.


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