UPDATED - Carly Fiorina Breaks With GOP, Denounces Limbaugh's Smears

6 years ago by David

[h/t David]
Well, good for Ms. "Demon Sheep" Carly Fiorina. At last, someone from the Republican Party faithful has broken the palpable silence on Leader Limbaugh's hideous remarks. Speaking to CBS News, Fiorina denounced his comments about law student Sandra Fluke as "incendiary" and "insulting."

It's a start. But where is Meg Whitman? She's sending big money off to the Republican party but has nothing to say about the de facto leader of her party trashing a law student as a "slut," or calling for her to make sex tapes to prove she needs contraceptives? Really?

And what of Sarah Palin, who should really be furious that her Fearless Leader called her daughter a slut and contraceptive payments "thievery"? Bristol, after all, could have saved Palin some embarrassment if she'd bothered to use birth control back in 2008. I'm betting that Alaska-paid health insurance helped Bristol (and Sarah) out with the expenses of her baby's birth, but of course, that's not thievery. Right?

Nevertheless, Carly's comments are signs that the notorious GOP united front is not quite so united, and not quite as harmonious as they'd like to think. Here's the true test, though. Will Fiorina apologize to Rush, like so many of her Republican counterparts have? Or will she stick to her guns? And let's be clear here: She may not have liked Rush Limbaugh's remarks, but she still would have voted for the Blunt amendment, so she's not going too very far out on her little limb.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is pulling no punches, reminding women throughout the nation that the Republican Party is for small government until it comes to sex. From her interview with Greg Sargent earlier today:

“They don’t believe in a government role except when it comes to women exercising her conscience on an issue like that,” Pelosi said. “People who choose to marry and find comfort with each other — they decide that government should step in there. But clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public education, public health, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security — they want to end the government role.”

I especially liked this remark:

Pelosi said she was surprised that Republican leaders had yet to condemn the comment, but said GOPers would not be able to escape it. “They won’t disassociate themselves from it. They’re tattooed with that,” she said. “I wouldn’t want those words repeated in my office.”

I think we should call for a photo contest, tattooing any GOP politician who doesn't denounce Limbaugh's remarks with those words. The words "I agree that women are sluts," or "I want sex tapes of women who use contraceptives" should appear right in the middle of their little powdered foreheads for the world to see.

Let's get started right away on that.

Update: President Obama called Sandra Fluke to encourage her today, calling her courageous and reassuring her that her parents would be proud of her, countering Limbaugh's claim they are surely ashamed.


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