Rush Limbaugh's Newest Whacko Conspiracy Theory

Things are really starting to get weird in winger-land now. Really weird. Rush Limbaugh is so desperate he's now claiming that Al Qaeda "gave up Bin Laden to make Obama look good."

This theory takes the ability to twist logic until it screams and gives up pretzels for life. In Limbaugh's twisty-passaged little brain, Democrats are colluding with radical Muslims to obliterate Israel. So they gave up their leader (and money source) to President Obama in order to make him look good so he could get re-elected and let them bring destruction to the entire Middle East.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

This little piece of insanity relies on the premise that the small kerfuffle at the Democratic convention over amending the platform to add back language about Jerusalem and God was an intentional rebuke to Israel at the behest of Muslim Democrats in "Dearbornistan," Michigan.

The story behind the brief battle over the platform language is an interesting one, but it has nothing to do with wanting Israel eliminated. Of course, facts have very little to do with anything when Rush Limbaugh is just "proposing a theory". He even admits he's just blithering to see what sticks.

Rush Limbaugh may possibly have scraped the bottom of the barrel with regard to responsibility on this one. In one fell swoop, he manages to debase our military -- particularly SEAL Team Six -- while constructing a bizarre and nearly-impossible conspiracy where the president and Al Qaeda are in some kind of implied collusion with one another to eliminate Israel.

Poor Rush. When we re-elect President Obama, his head will explode all over the nation.


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