SwiftBoat Network Groups You Haven't Heard About -- Yet

Yesterday I wrote about the mysterious group attacking Rep. Pete DeFazio in Oregon -- Concerned Taxpayer(s) of America. Today Susie has a piece about another group funded by insurance companies with the same structure.

Both of these groups appear to be organized under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(4), the section allowing "civic interest" groups to be tax-exempt entities. The advantage to running the big money through these groups is that no donors need be disclosed, and no reporting done until late 2011, when it's beyond too late to do anything about it. By then, no one will care.

Until we have a way to track down the funding sources for these groups, the best we can do is to be on our guard. But they aren't the only entities that can fund and pay for attack campaigns. The more common 527 groups may also do so, but they are subject to quarterly campaign disclosures and must name their donors. Still, there's plenty of action in those groups, too, and lots of new ones created every day.

Since they won't have to report any funding sources until January, 2011, they're handy for the last-minute campaign expenditures. Therefore, I think it might be worthwhile to list the ones who have filed as new 527 groups from October 1st until now. I'm fairly certain you will see mailers and internet advertising from them, at the very least.

  • Pro Jobs Majority (MN) David Olson and Bill Blazar, co-chief managers. Affiliated groups: Minnesota Chamber of Commerce EIN: 27-3429040
  • Free Market Advocates (AZ) Kathy Craig, Chairman, Pamala Doan - Treasurer EIN: 27-3534805
  • American Third Position (PA) Steven Smith, Chairman EIN: 27 - 3589917 Stated purpose: A political party that works for the interests of White Americans
  • Conservative Americans PAC Inc (IL) Michael Johnson, Chairman EIN: 27-3458016
  • Veterans In Defense of Liberty Action Committee (MO) Dr. Wm. Scott Magill, Chairman EIN: 27 - 3594732
  • MO Tea Party Political Activists (MO) Todd "Ike" Skelton, Chairman EIN: 90 - 0616721
  • NHADIC PAC (NH) John M. Natale, Chairman EIN: 27 - 3583794 Affiliated Groups: New Hampshire Association of Domestic Insurance CoConnected
  • SnakePAC (VA) John Miller, Chairman EIN: 27 - 3418770

8 groups. 5 days. Anyone want to take bets on how many we'll see before November 2nd? I'll be watching. And telling you.


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