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50-State Blog Round-up

The 50-state blog round-up has existed over the years in various forms. The idea is to take a look at state and local blogs in order to see what important things are going on in state politics and campaigns, to get a preview of what's coming to

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The 50-state blog round-up has existed over the years in various forms. The idea is to take a look at state and local blogs in order to see what important things are going on in state politics and campaigns, to get a preview of what's coming to the national stage and to recognize the work of great state and local bloggers.

  • Colorado: Square State -- Republicans vote against parental rights in education
  • Connecticut: CT News Junkie -- Occupy UConn takes on Joe Lieberman
  • Delaware: Delaware Liberal -- The Black Caucus is threatening to sue over education inequality
  • Florida: Beach Peanuts -- The Florida Republican senate primary to take on Bill Nelson
  • Georgia: Blog for Democracy -- State Rep. Charlice Byrd not only doesn't like a woman having the right to choose, she also doesn't want children to have healthy balanced diets
  • Hawaii: No recent posts
  • Idaho: No recent posts
  • Illinois: Progress Illinois -- The state legislature is looking at giving good teachers more money
  • Indiana: No recent posts
  • Iowa: Bleeding Heartland -- Taking a closer look at Nick Ryan's pro-Santorum super-PAC
  • Kansas: Everyday Citizen -- The Wichita Eagle loves the Koch Brothers
  • Kentucky: Kentuckians for the Commonwealth -- The Kentucky Supreme Court has struck down a partisan redistricting plan
  • Louisiana: Daily Kingfish -- Louisiana's lobbyfest known as 'Washington Mardi Gras' is an embarassment
  • Maine: No recent posts
  • Maryland: Maryland Juice -- Tons of reactions are coming in response to Maryland's marriage equality push
  • Massachusetts: Blue Mass Group -- Scott Brown is joining the war against contraception
  • Michigan: Blogging for Michigan -- Strangely enough, conservatives in Michigan are going after public education as well
  • Minnesota: MN Progressive Project -- Does Rep. Chip Cravaack even live in Minnesota?
  • Mississippi: A Liberal in the Midst -- Is there a Democratic revival happening in Mississippi?
  • Missouri: Show Me Progress -- Sen. Roy Blunt apparently doesn't know what the words "fact check" mean, but uses them in defense of his assault on contraception
  • Montana: Montana Cowgirl Blog -- National activists are pushing 'personhood' in Montana, and getting arrested while doing it
  • Nebraska: New Nebraska Network -- Republicans are targeting their own senators who don't support a voter ID bill
  • Nevada: Las Vegas Gleaner -- Profiling State Sen. Mike Roberson, a potential rising star in the Republican Party
  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire -- State Republicans don't want to stop bullying
  • New Jersey: Blue Jersey -- The school funding system in New Jersey is dysfunctional
  • New Mexico: Clearly New Mexico -- The state legislature is seeking to prevent undocumented immigrants from getting driver's licenses
  • New York: The Albany Project -- State Republicans are using Asian-Americans for their own political purposes in redistricting
  • North Carolina: The Progressive Pulse -- Potential U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis seems to be hiding his conservative credentials from the press
  • North Dakota: North Decoder -- Uncovering the details behind the Koch-funded Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
  • Ohio: Plunderbund -- Attorney General Mike DeWine is using public office to force his personal faith upon others
  • Oklahoma: Blue Oklahoma -- The legislature is seeking to introduce creationism into science classrooms
  • Oregon: Blue Oregon -- Republican Gene Whisnant is single-handedly stalling foreclosure reform
  • Pennsylvania: 2 Political Junkies -- Apparently state Repbulicans are trying to declare 2012 the 'Year of the Bible'
  • Rhode Island: RI Future -- Occupy URI is taking on college costs and student debt
  • South Carolina: SC Prog Blog -- Fire fighters are not happy with Gov. Nikki Haley's attack on unions
  • South Dakota: Madville Times -- The legislature is going after public school teachers
  • Tennessee: Southern Beale -- Tennessee Republicans don't think that government should help feed poor starving children
  • Texas: Off the Kuff -- Rick Perry seems to be in trouble in his re-election bid for governor
  • Utah: No recent posts
  • Vermont: Green Mountain Daily -- Profiling a state Democratic icon, Phil Hoff
  • Virginia: Blue Virginia -- Gov. Bob McDonnell seems to have attended the Mitt Romney school of flip-flopping
  • Washington: Horse's A** -- Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) looks strong in her re-election bid
  • West Virginia: West Virginia Blue -- A series of posts about why "Democrat" Joe Manchin is failing his constituents
  • Wisconsin: Cognitive Dissidence -- Seems like Scott Walker's budget is a disaster, not surprisingly
  • Wyoming: Haven't found any progressive blogs for this state yet.
  • Alabama: Left in Alabama -- Republicans in the legislature are looking to steal money from education
  • Alaska: Mudflats -- A Juneau man is suing to keep Barack Obama off the Alaska ballot because he's a 'mulatto'
  • Arizona: Blog for Arizona -- The Republican legislature is looking to prohibit public comment on the state budget
  • Arkansas: Blue Arkansas -- Rep. Tim Griffin loves oil money and the Keystone XL pipeline
  • California: Calitics -- Prop 8 supporters are far from giving up

    The list used to create the post can be found here. If you know of a progressive state or local blog that isn't on the list, e-mail me at and I'll add it.

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