Meet The Bloggers: John Cusack

Cenk Uygur speaks with John Cusack about the war profiteering that inspired his movie War, Inc., now available on DVD.

UYGUR: I’m watching at home, I feel the frustration coming through, right? I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated. The people watching are frustrated. How do we break through? How do we change the way this is all set up so that it serves us again, rather than serving these corporate interests that are so intertwined in the government?

CUSACK: Well, I don’t know. But I think the answer is you probably have to support candidates who are 1) willing to talk about it, like there’s a candidate from Florida, Alan Grayson, who won the Democratic primary. Jan Schakowsky has talked about it a lot. And I think probably to put as much pressure on the Democratic Party to do what their duty is, within the Constitution, which is to be a check and balance to the Executive branch. So Nancy Pelosi says that impeachment is off the table, what gives her the right to say that? I mean, I don’t think she has any right to say that impeachment is off the table.

UYGUR: Given their record, it’s a little hard to have faith in the Democratic Party…

CUSACK: So I think you have to put as much pressure on Obama as you can to make him talk about these things and deal with these things.

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