Rove's Hit Job For Scott Brown: The Year's Most Ridiculous Attack Ad

Karl Rove is spending a lot of money trying to help his close friend Sen. Scott Brown, but his ads just aren’t passing the laugh test. Just last week, an ad from Rove’s Crossroads GPS was saying Elizabeth Warren was too radical because she was so close to the Occupy movement, but that didn’t work: her numbers actually went up, and she is now leading Brown by 7 points in the latest polling. So now Rove, — who, according to sources of mine in the banking industry, has taken millions of dollars from the big banks for his secret slush fund, American Crossroads — is saying Warren presided over big bank bailouts.

It’s hard to decide whether this blatantly dishonest ad is more pathetic or funny. It does once again show that Rove and the Wall Street boys giving him money have absolutely no shame. To take Wall Street millions to run an ad tying Warren to the TARP bailouts because she was an independent watchdog of the fund is theater of the absurd — especially given that the reason she became so well-known was because she took both Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner to task for being too easy on the big banks. It’s classic Rove: attack your opponent’s greatest strength. And the fact that Rove’s group just one week before had run an ad trying to tie Warren to Occupy Wall Street because it was so “radical” makes this funny on a grand scale.

Here is the ad in case you haven’t seen it:

OK, go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. I know what you are probably saying: “I know this is Karl Rove, but I didn’t think even he could be this brazen and ridiculous.” Well, he can — on behalf of his close friend Scott Brown. These guys will say anything, do anything, and go to any lengths to try to stop Warren from winning, simply because they know what an incredible voice she would in the Senate in speaking up for the 99% and taking on the Wall Street bigwigs. It is richly ironic that because they are finding out their anti-Occupy messaging didn’t work, they are now taking our message to attack Warren because they know it works better. We will see a lot more of this before we are through — in this race and others.

Here’s the fundraising page where you can go help Warren’s campaign directly.

Here’s a petition on Wall Street accountability her campaign is doing.

Pass these around and sound the alarm: Karl Rove is blatantly lying again to help out his dear friend Scott Brown. Do whatever you can to help.

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