Fox Uses Live Nativity Scene To Shove Christ Down Our Throats

If anyone doubts that Fox’s annual “War on Christmas” catalog is little more than an excuse to promote radical Christianity – while playing at being persecuted Christians – then check out how Fox & Friends teamed up with Christian extremists this morning to urge Americans to enact Nativity scenes on public property all across the country.

In one of three segments (one in each hour) devoted to the subject this morning, Steve Doocy went outside where the Faith and Action group staged a live Nativity scene in front of Fox News HQ in New York. Doocy was so busy slobbering over the presentation that he forgot to tell the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers that the group involved, Faith and Action, and interviewee Pastor Rob Schenck are not just a group of Americans suddenly moved to display their Christmas spirit in a re-enactment. They’re Christian activists with a right-wing political agenda. For example, Right Wing Watch reports that Schenck, a veteran abortion-clinic protester, was arrested back in 1992 for thrusting a fetus at then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

Nevertheless, after Schenck announced that his Nativity scene had been re-enacted in front of the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday and “sent a very powerful message,” Doocy asked all innocently, “What is the message?”

Sure enough, that message is that Christmas is for crusading - and using government property to do it:

We have Constititutional rights in this country and that includes free practice of our faith in the public square, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and we remind them that while this is the real reason for the season, we also gotta exercise our rights.

Look, if we can do this in front of the United States Supreme Court, we can do this on the streets of New York, then you can do it in your own town and community and we’d like to see these nativity displays in front of courthouses and town, county seats and state houses. That’s our right in this country and we remind our public officials in Washington that it’s their job to guard these God-given Constitutional rights.

“That’s exactly right,” Doocy said.

Schenck closed by saying, “Merry Christ-mas.”

“There you go,” Doocy said approvingly.

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