Bachmann Thinks Powell, McCain, Generals Want America To Lose, Iraqis Should Pay GI Families Millions

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FSM, save us from Michele Bachmann and her bat-sh*t crazy notions of foreign policy. At any other time in history, I'm convinced that Bachmann would be laughed off the national stage for being too nutty to be worthy of a platform. But after eight years of Orwell-speak with George Bush and three years of fact-free tea party rhetoric, our collective standards have been shoved into the sub-basement of sensible ideas.

Even with those low, low standards, Michele Bachmann is her own special kind of idiotic. At David Gregory's questioning of whether she realizes that her advocating for waterboarding at the GOP debate Saturday puts her at odds with Colin Powell, John McCain and the "generals on the ground" in the War on Terror™. Her response? She's on the side of Dick Cheney and "defeating" the terrorists. Because, you know, Powell, McCain and the generals are not:

MR. GREGORY: No, no, let me just make the point. Your view that waterboarding should be reinstituted, you understand that puts you at odds with most of the generals, OK, the former Republican nominee of your party John McCain, General Colin Powell. You realize you're on the opposite end of what they believe? Do you not trust them and their views?
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REP. BACHMANN: Well, but what, but I, but I'm on the same side as Vice President Cheney on this issue, and others as well. Because, I, again, what we're looking at is what will save American lives. And that's what the most important thing is. We've got, we've got to decide that we want to defeat the terrorists. And when we make that decision, we need to, we need to employ the methods that will best help us to defeat them.

I needn't rehash the rather overwhelming number of studies that show that torture is not effective; C&Lers are smart enough to know it already. What strikes me more is the distinction she draws against those who have actually been in a combat situation and understand the dynamics. Because according to her, they've decided they don't want to defeat the terrorists.

If that's not delusional enough, Bachmann dips even further into the crazy trough:

President Obama was given a war that is won in Iraq, and he's choosing to lose the peace. That's a desecration of the memory of 4400 Americans that gave their lives to liberate Iraq.

What the hell is she talking about? Are we "losing the peace" by pulling out of Iraq? How so? Would that Gregory be even a competent enough journalist to ask. Frankly, I think Bachmann's revisionist history is a desecration to the memory those 4,400 Americans. But we're not done with the crazy:

I believe that Iraq should pay us back for the money that we spent. And I believe that Iraq should pay the families that lost a loved one several million dollars per life...

MR. GREGORY: All right.

REP. BACHMANN: ...I think, at minimum. This is, this, this is a terrible situation that the United, that the president has left the, the war on terror in.

Again with the "Iraq should repay us" ridiculousness? Now she puts a price tag on it: several million dollars for each of the 4,400 deaths? Paid exactly how, Michelle? "Thank you so much for bombing our country to Kingdom Come, destroying schools, infrastructure, hospitals and displacing millions of our citizens. We'll be writing you a check now. " Again, if Gregory was remotely a competent journalist, he would not let this pass unmentioned.

Such a short clip, but yet so much stoopid.


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