Gov Nikki Haley On The View: 'Women Don't Care About Contraception'

(h/t Scarce)

I can never tell with these tea party types if it's massive ignorance or hubris that keeps them going.

Because if I was the subject of an extra-marital sex scandal, I don't know that I would write a book entitled "Can't Is Not An Option." Seems like you're writing the jokes for your detractors.

Furthermore, if I was about to be possibly indicted for tax fraud, I don't know that I would make the rounds promoting that book, lest some very uncomfortable questions are asked.

And if by some chance I ignored all good sense and did the things above, when asked to proffer up proof that there isn't a war on women's rights within the GOP, I sure as hell wouldn't be stupid enough to say, "Well, women don't care about contraception."

But then again, I'm not Nikki Haley.

Because it's "The View", we're not going to be subjected to a deep discussion about it, but co-host Joy Behar pushed back right away and you can see that Haley knew she messed up good and immediately tried to cast about to save herself, conceding that women do care, but not only contraception.

HALEY: While we care about contraception, let’s be clear: All we’re saying is we don’t want government to mandate when we have to have it and when we don’t. We want to be able to make that decision, we don’t need any government making that decision for us.

Excuse me, what? When is the government mandating the use of birth control? Do you even understand the words coming out of your mouth? It's lucky for Haley that they ran up against a break before Whoopi and Joy could say anything.

And pundits sit and try to figure out why women prefer Obama to a GOP candidate by almost two to one.


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