A "Grown Up Have" Responds To Ben Stein: You're Out Of Touch With America

(h/t Paddy and Laffy at Political Carnival)

When I heard of Ben Stein's op-ed complaining about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of wage earners, I had to physically force myself not to roll my eyes too far back into my head. Apparently, Linda McGibney, a producer for Stargate Universe on the SyFy Channel did too, and decided to put Stein in his place:

I am an American. I am in the highest tax bracket. I also work in entertainment - which is what Mr. Stein does as well.

I am fine with the tax increase. I think it patriotic that I am taxed in this way. I want to help my country.

I believe the fact that I can have a job this year, and hopefully every year to come, is a privilege.

Mr. Stein, there are Americans who qualify for this tax increase under the proposed plan who don't feel "punished" by it. We feel it is our duty in hard times to help the rest of America.

And I am not talking about charity; this isn't charity. We both give to charity, of our own choosing. Mr. Stein probably gives more than me.

This is about being a grown-up and accepting the fact that we made money during the bogus up-tick in the economy. We prospered. So did others in our ranks. A LOT.

Can I say A LOT one more time?

Now, it's time to help the rest of America.

Brava. Let us cheer for the grown ups in this debate, willing to look past their own entitled, selfish needs and understand that what makes us a civilized society is how we care for the least of us.


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