April 11, 1983 - Another Peace Plan Bites The Dust.

April 11, 1983 - The Middle East Peace Settlement falls apart. King Hussein drops out, citing PLO unwillingness to come to terms. PLO Moderate leader Issam Sartawi assassinated. MX Missile program. Star Wars Defense initiative gets promoted by Caspar Weinberger. Nuclear Freeze Initiative introduced. Kenneth Adelman confirmation battle. Shuttle Challenger heads back to Cape Canaveral after successful landing. London streets blocked and traffic snarled while WW2 era bomb is defused.

March 2, 1983 - Socialists And Sandanistas.

March 2, 1983 - Pope John Paul II en route to Costa Rica in an appeal to end fighting in Central America, primarily El Salvador and Nicaragua. Saudi Arabia and Venezuela hint at lowering oil prices to OPEC. Storms batter California, Los Angeles - worst in years. $150BN Social Security bailout approved. Leading Indicator Index figures at 3.6%, biggest jump since 1950. Burlington Vermont re-elects first Socialist Mayor. Iraq attacks Iranian oil fields, claims 5 ships sunk including oil tankers. Funding and arms appeal to Contras proposed on Capitol Hill. Hmm.

January 6, 1983 - "No New . . . .Never Mind".

News of the day, this day in history for January 3, 1983. Pres. Reagan hints there may be some new tax on the course ahead. Budget cuts/gas tax rise. Social Security hot topic. Soviet Spy Satellite Cosmos 1402 rumored to be out of control and falling back to earth. Warsaw Pact proposes peace initiatives to NATO. Talks at Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon enter round #4. French authorities seize and enter Greenpeace ship entering Cherbourg harbor. Woman in Oregon dies from Cyanide poisoning rumored from ingesting Anacin 3 capsule.