4th of July

Did You Know...4th Of July Is Dangerous?!

Did You Know...4th Of July Is Dangerous?!

Happy 4th of July! Drinks, parades, 'Murica! Here are some fun facts about our Nation's Birthday, where it is socially acceptable to get drunk and blow things up! Remember, subscribe at www.youtube.com/newsynews!

Happy Independence Day

This is especially for those of you who aren't having any fireworks this year because of the heat. Again, Happy 4th, and enjoy the show.

Susie Sampson: Healthcare And Our Independence...Day

The Tea Party Report's Susie Sampson: "Last week was quite a doozy! I know how disappointed we all were to see that Obamacare was approved as Constitutional. I mean, the GOP is just tryin' to help with population control. Besides, I think Roberts was just kiddin'.