A 9/11 Letter From New York City

A 9/11 Letter From New York City

Images, sounds, smells, emotions, loss, fear, and confusion never stop haunting, yet they became part of the background hum. No matter how much a New Yorker who lived through it might say it's behind them — well, it's not. The memories come back in all forms.

Mitt Romney, 9-11 Profiteer?

Well, well, well. Now that it's September 12th, let's have a look at how deep Willard's hunger for profit actually goes, shall we? Via Politicker.com: Endurance Specialty Holdings was one of many insurance and reinsurance startups that cropped

N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Operation

. The above Youtube video contains the audio of a 911 call that the New York Police Department tried to keep secret. After over a year of requests, The Associated Press finally received access to a 911 tape the New York Police Department

Mike's Blog Roundup

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