Mike's Blog Roundup

They gave us a republic: They aren't toy soldiers. You can't just throw them away or stash them out of sight distributorcap NY: The endless ho

Mike's Blog Roundup

Ourfuture: Fascist America – are we there yet? Bitch, PHD: Priorities. We are respectable negroes: They brought a knife to a gun fight - broken po

Vernon Robinson's Sleazy TV Ad

He's baaaack with another sick,vile ad and attacks Brad Miller viciously. [media id=16050]-WMP-download "You needed that job," an announ

Mike's Blog Round Up

Where in Washington, D.C. is Reverend Moon? Moonies smash up newsroom, threaten to kill reporter. Moonboots has more... and Blogesque reports that a G

The Mad Hatter

Arthur "If there is an advanced alien race watching mankind from somewhere beyond the stars, they must be struck with astonishment and wonder at the

C&L's Top Sci-Fi Movies

I made a quick list of some of my favorites in no particular order. Whenever I try to think up a list-I always forget some great ones. (More lists to

The Swift Report

New Poll Finds Most Americans 'Scared to Death' of Activist Judges According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans fear activist judges more t

Hit And Run

Da Judge on Civil Liberties Fox News Channel's Judge Andrew Napolitano, the hardest-hitting civil libertarian on cable, laid into the Intelligence Re