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Roses are red Violets are blue, When I bring up Ann Althouse at the list serv, They all say "Ann who?" Honestly. But congrats to those

Oh, Ann ...

Ann, I know you're down because another season of American Idol has ended, but please. Put down the wine and take a nice rest. It'll do you some good

Mike's Blog Roundup

American Street: The GOP plan to break the backs of suffering Americans the talking dog:: Really old school Alternate Brain: Support the Troops? NIM

Mike's Blog Round Up

I took pen in hand and, fully caffeinated, was all ready to write something profound and challenging, but I'd filled up the very last page in my Journ

Mike's Blog Round Up

Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films has a new blog. Cliff Schecter will be "the blogger-in-chief and video content creator/manager in a large project t

Code Blinking

The justifications that come out of the right wing blogsphere keep getting sillier by the second. via Whiskey Fire: The pictures of Jose Padilla bein

Open Thread

Comedy Hour: Ann Althouse calls Glenn Greenwald a disreputable slimeball

Sunday Prediction

Howard Kurtz's "Reliable Sources," will have on John Hinderaker, Jeff Jarvis, and Ann Althouse to discuss Deborah Howell, Jim Brady and the closing do