Oh, Ann ...

Ann, I know you're down because another season of American Idol has ended, but please. Put down the wine and take a nice rest. It'll do you some good because this post about you wanting to sue so you can find out if anyone is defaming you on the now defunct Journolist is really a cry for help, I believe.

I'd still like to know. Don't I have a right to know what a gang of 400 journalists are saying about me, as they endeavor to shape my reputation, decide that all the good people must avoid linking to me, or whatever it is they do?

If I were to bring a defamation suit based on Ezra Klein's lie "Ann Althouse sure has a lot of anti-semitic commenters," I would seek access to the Journolist archive, and I believe I would get it. There is no privilege that would shield this information from discovery. Lawyers, argue with me if you think I'm wrong.

One of her readers told Ann the unvarnished truth about her frivolous charade:

I would think a law professor might have a better grasp of this. But on what grounds would you seek the archives? To borrow a popular argument of the right, where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to know what others are saying about you, especially when you have no proof they are saying anything defamatory about you?

I'm here to help you. Really. After the Jessica Valenti incident, I thought you would have calmed down.

Eric Boehlert is very worried too.


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