attack on Social Security

Chained CPI-- RIP? Now Let's Get To Work Strengthening Social Security
Alan Grayson adds: "Cheating senior citizens used to be a crime. Now, it’s a policy." Please help elect more progressives like Alan and Elizabeth by giving what you can to these fine Blue America Candidates. Thank you! Image from: Photobucket

Chained CPI-- RIP? Now Let's Get To Work Strengthening Social Security

Chained CPI is out of the President's budget... for now. Electing more Blue America progressives will ensure the pressure on the corporate wing of the Party to keep true to Democratic values stays strong... Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren strong.

When It Comes To Social Security - Re-evolve Already!

Washington, DC - Last week we witnessed the capo di tutti capi of political and policy evolution. President Barack Obama, after Vice-President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan played the role of his social-issue Shofar, came out in

The War Of The Words

Let me begin with a personal anecdote, one my father told me. He grew up in the very poor South, dropped out of school by the time he’d reached fifth grade to help his father work their farm, and eventually went into the military. He was an

The Latest GOP Meme: "Social Security Is Welfare"

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Well, this is disturbing. There really is no hope for the future of the GOP, if this is the third rail they've decided to dance upon. Not only in the video above, but