Blue Dog Democrats

Blue Dog Artur Davis Refuses To Go Away Quietly

I'm not quite sure what's more disgusting about this interview -- former Blue Dog Artur Davis pretending that there is anything besides some self-serving motivation and making sure he gets some more face time on cable television with his

Your Enthusiasm Gap Is Missing

Despite what you might expect, Alabama's fifth congressional district features a tight race between two very different candidates -- with no "enthusiasm gap" among Democrats. In the left corner is Steve Raby, local business leader and former

Rahmbo's Bluedogs Come Back To Bite Democrats

I've always agreed with Howard Dean's fifty state strategy where as head of the DNC he felt we should try to get Democrats elected in every district in every part of the country and not to let any races go unchallenged. I never agreed with Rahmbo's

The Keynesians Won!

I write about the need for journalists and bloggers and even average working class families to read books about the history of our country. Doing rese