Bill Moyers: Championing The Robin Hood Tax

Moyers talks to RoseAnn DeMoro, who heads the largest registered nurses union in the country, and will lead a Chicago march protesting economic inequality on May 18th. DeMoro is championing the Robin Hood Tax, a small government levy the

My Pledge To The GOP

First of all, I pledge not to choke the living crap out of the next Republican who tries to feed me this line of horse manure. Because that would be "wrong." (Actually, it would be good on so many other levels -- but legally? Wrong.) I happen

It's Time To Get Tough With China

Paul Krugman has a terrific column out today about China, and why it's absolutely crucial that the US join Japan in calling out the Chinese for keeping their currency weak in order to continue feeding their trade surplus. Some background: If

Open Thread

LA Weekly: "[Ray Bradbury's] fear in 1953 that television would kill books has, he says, been partially confirmed by television’s effect on substan

Late Night Open Thread

Late Night Open Thread "Barry Bonds is reportedly now the target of a federal government's month-long probe into whether or not the slugger committe