BLUNT: Not In My America!

Nice work here from Laffy at The Political Carnival for their BLUNT series. Here's more from her on this latest edition: Producing this particu

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Political Carnival: Franken launches full-throated attack on conservative judicial activism A Tiny Revolution: Alan Simpson hates Americans,

Mike's Blog Roundup

Happy Easter! Dr. Zaius has more... Connecting.the.Dots: The Pope's Red Herrings Southern Beale: Hating on the poor Corrente: These are not the act

Mike's Blog Roundup

First Draft: When Birtherism isn't quite crazy enough... The Rude Pundit: Al Qaeda, Liz Cheney, and American Failure The Washington Independent: The

Open Thread...Palin For President??

h/t to my friends at The Political Carnival with their cartoon of the day. So what do you think about Sister Sarah ever attempting to take a serious