Charles Darwin

Rush Attacks Darwin, Stumps Seder

From The Top Vlog: In this week's Random Rush, where Sam Seder listen to 60 seconds of Rush Limbaugh at random, Rush's incoherent attack on liberal's love of evolution throws Sam for a loop.

Open Thread

This Day in Peace History: On this day in 1859, "British naturalist Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, which explained his theory of

Mike's Blog Roundup

Crooked Timber: Welcome to Fantasy Ireland...and Fantasy Iraq When crooks collide.  Imagine if we had real Justice Department, and real justice Norbi

Inherit The Wind-Part Duex

Cinema films from the 50-60's that capture the rapture of today's right wing agenda. The present: 5/2/05 Evolution is going on trial in Kansas Eig