Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Amanda Carpenter Edition

Now, almost everyone who doesn't regularly sniff glue wouldn't equate a medical procedure with taking a flight to Daytona. But the irony of a right-wing authoritarian like Carpenter -- who cheered on all of the domestic spying, indefinite

Mitt Romney Etch-a-Sketches His Stance On Abortion. Again.

Before long, Mitt Romney will be saying that he wants to raise taxes on the rich and curb global warming. Mitt Romney today said no abortion legislation is part of his agenda, but he would prohibit federally-funded international nonprofits

Peggy Noonan Does Not Approve Of All This Abortion Talk

In a column which she complains about how mean and partisan and "extremist" Democrats have been this week, Nooners actually wrote this. The sheer strangeness of all the talk about abortion, abortion, contraception, contraception. I am old enough

Mitt Romney's Sister Says He Won't Ban Abortion

Either she a liar or "pro-lifers" have absolutely no reason to vote for Mitt Romney. Which is it? Mitt Romney’s eldest sister, who has backed prominent Democrats for office and is in Tampa showing support for her brother, had some reassuring

31 Arrests At #WaronWomen Rally In Richmond

This is Bob McDonnell's Virginia: The Virginia state capitol was the scene of an enormous women's rights protest. A peaceful protest, with young, old, and everything in between, men and women alike. The overreaction by the police was appalling and shows the extent to which the Republican party is willing to use police power to suppress peaceful dissent.