Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA): Devious Democrats Are Behind All This 'War On Women' Stuff

When Republicans really screw the pooch and do something that hurts them with the electorate — and that happens a lot — they usually do one of two things: 1) blame the "media" or; 2) blame Democrats. And Wednesday night on Hardball, a Republican Congresswoman from Washington state picked option "2."

MATTHEWS: Let`s hear right now -- we have a couple points here. Congresswoman, what do you make of -- in Virginia -- by the way, Congresswoman, what do you make of the charge that Nancy Pelosi, the speaker, is making in her new fund-raising letter that there is, in fact, a war on women being waged by the Republicans?

RODGERS: The reality is, in 2010, the Republicans won the women`s vote. And the Democrats know that in order to win the presidency, in order to win the seats in the House and the Senate, that they have to scare women, that they have to win the women`s vote.

Damn those scary Democrats who are doing all those scary things like allowing employers to deny women birth control or mandating transvaginal ultrasounds or forcing women to watch abortions before they get one.

Oh wait — Republicans did all that. But Rodgers would have none of it.

RODGERS: The reality is, the Republicans won the women`s vote in 2010 and the Democrats know they have to win the women`s vote and that they are scared. These are scare tactics to scare women. And they have — they have often used the abortion...

MATTHEWS: Whose tactics are they? I`m just asking you, whose tactics are they? You say they`re Democratic tactics.

How did Democrats get Republicans legislators to make these proposals? How tricky are they, these Democrats? They get the Virginia legislature to bring up all this stuff on abortion. They get Santorum to talk up contraception. These Democrats are ventriloquists? How do they get the Republicans to say all this stuff? They are really masterful, I would say. I know I`m being sarcastic. But you know the evidence is a lot of right-wing social activists in your party are giving the Democrats catnip here, right? You`re admitting that.

MCMORRIS RODGERS: There are a lot of left-wing social activists that are also pushing their agenda in various legislators — legislatures, and here in Congress, the same thing.


The Party of Personal Responsibility That Blames Everyone Else For Their Problems strikes again. Angry Black Lady has a brilliant but NSFW takedown here.


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