February 10, 1994 - The Cautious Exhale.

February 10, 1994 - a shaky ceasefire in Sarajevo four hours old. UN Peacekeepers and NATO troops skeptical and hopeful. Two members of the British Parliament and a British Aid Worker kidnapped in Somalia. Israel and PLO in partial agreement over autonomy issue in Gaza and Jericho. Tonya Hardings slaps $22 million lawsuit against the USOC for barring appearance at the Winter Olympics. Famed U of Oklahoma Coach Bud Wilkinson dies at 77.

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Connecting.the.Dots: V.P. for saving the planet Facing South: Gulf Stream Coach - the politically connected company handed a $500 million federal con

Wish Upon A Star

I'm watching Brit Hume coach Bush in an "interview"...Don't laugh...I know...that's a funny one, anyway...I wonder how that inte

GOP/SVU: Special Victims Unit

Bush with Foley: Write your own caption ...* Much as I tried to resist, I'm now tracking the Foley matter closely. We may wish the political ti

Autistic Basketball Player Shines

Max sent me an email about this story. You might have seen it alread, but if you didn't- David Edwards sent the video over. " Jason McElwain, an auti