Mike's Blog Roundup

The Brad Blog: Kentucky election officials found guilty of election fraud Petrelis Files: There's a fantastic online archive of a multitude of federa

Senator Coburn: "Holder-in-Chief"

Y'all better watch out. Now that the 72-hour clock is ticking and Democratic representatives are falling in line behind health care reform, Tom Cobu

Mike's Blog Roundup

Scoobie Davis: Sun Myung Moon's alliance with another cult-run media group PERRspectives: USA Today misleads on politics of stimulous spending Shake

The Many Faces Of Dr. Coburn

The Many Faces of Dr. Coburn Max Blumenthal: ... At the very beginning of our conversation, before I could even introduce myself, Schwartz exclaimed

TDS On The Roberts Hearing

John Stewart had some fun with Democrats and Republicans over the first day of questioning. [media id=13794] -WMP small version- [media id=13795]