Sen. Tom Coburn: Body Language Soothsayer

A picture named Tom-Coburn.jpgSen. Tom Coburn: Body Language Soothsayer

On MTP today, Sen. Tom Coburn said that because of his medical training he can tell if somebody is lying just by using their body language.

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SEN. COBURN on Roberts: I've tried to use my medical skills of observation of body language to ascertain your uncomfortableness and ill at ease with questions and responses. I will tell you that I am very pleased both in my observational capabilities as a physician to know that your answers have been honest and forthright as I watch the rest of your body respond to the stress that you're under.

MR. RUSSERT: Do you believe as a physician you can tell whether a candidate for the Supreme Court is telling the truth?

SEN. COBURN: Mm-hm, I certainly have.

MR. RUSSERT: Has any--have you ever detected someone lying?

SEN. COBURN: Uh-huh, lots of times.

We have Bill Frist making a diagnosis on Terry Schiavo using old video tapes and now we have Coburn saying he can tell if you're lying just by using his keen training in body language. What's up with some of these republican doctors?

I didn't know that studying body language was a course given to doctors anyway. Can somebody find that class given in medical school. Why hasn't he been called before to testify in other very important cases? It seems to be more reliable than lie-detector tests. At least in Coburn's case, as reader Brian implies. Is this some new kind of faith-based pseudoscience?


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