Weekend Talkshows Past - Election '52 - The Issues.

Weekend Talkshows Past with an episode of American Forum Of The Air, first broadcast in March 1952. The subject was "Issues Of 1952" featuring Senators Everett Dirksen (Republican) and Robert Kerr (Democrat), discussing what may be the deciding factors in the 1952 Presidential election.

December 12, 1947 - Rome: On Strike - Shut Down.

Rome on Strike - tense with threats of violence. The world somewhat askew, this 12th day of December 1947. First off- the General Strike in Rome had reached its second day with fears of violence just around the corner as a rumored 20,000

November 2, 1947 - Strikes, Riots And Art.

News of the day for December 2, 1947. Riots break out in Jerusalem over Partition of Israel and Palestine. French strikes cripple Paris. U.S. building facilities in South Pacific for Atomic Bomb testing. Prices of meat, butter and shortening take steep climb. Big Four Conference and Austrian Peace Treaty pending. And artist Thomas Hart Benton and writer H.L. Mencken in squabble over value of an early Benton painting.

November 18, 1950 - Turkeys, The Mob And The Thing.

News for the week ending November 18, 1950. Thanksgiving coming up and a look at Thanksgivings past. Coach Herman Hickman given a 10 year contract by Yale, Playwright Robert Sherwood appeals for more Theater in America. Kefauver Crime Committee Hearings in Los Angeles with mobster Mickey Cohen on the witness stand. Korea continuing. A debate heating up on Capitol Hill over Foreign Policy. And the biggest record of the week is The Thing.