Super Tuesday Part Deux Continued...

We've had so many comments on our earlier thread---we needed to start another one. So, how many times did John McCain say "My friends?" Hillary wins

Mike's Blog Roundup

Making Light: When you use an electronic voting system, you must audit the results if you want to have confidence in them. Cliff Schecter: NYT found

Mike's Blog Round Up

Jim Hightower: Christmas gifts for America's power elite David Seaton's News Links: Some notes on populism (h/t The Vanity Press) The Aristocrats: E

Feel Like Hurling A Typewriter?

This op-ed appeared last week in a small newspaper and got a pretty big response. I suspect that the author's feelings are all too common right now an

Flim Flam Frank Aka "The Luntz"

Frameshop: A "con," a "scam," a "grift," a boo-boo, a bunko, a flim flam. All these are synonyms for what street crime