The October Surprise Romney Will Never Forget

This photo labled "Even out of fly-fishing season, Mitt was known to hone his angling skills among Detroit’s poor," shows his early disconnect from America's not-so-wealthy, taunting a homeless man with a dollar bill on a fishing line? It's damn near sociopathic.

New Obama Ad Slams Romney For 47% Comments

In the 30 second ad, the narrator gets straight to the point, saying “Mitt Romney attacked 47% of Americans who pay no income tax, including veterans, the elderly and disabled."

Elderly Civil Rights Activist Faces Foreclosure, Eviction

I've lost count of the number of reports I've read in recent years of an elderly person facing the trauma of losing their home to foreclosure and being taken by ambulance to the hospital on eviction day due to the effects of stress on their

Sheriff's Deputies Refuse To Evict 103-year Old Woman

Sheriff''s deputies and movers hired by Chase bank, arrived at the home of Vinia Hall on Tuesday after the bank foreclosed on the Atlanta, GA home and obtained an order of eviction. After meeting Ms. Hall -who turns 104 in December - and her 84-year old daughter who had lived in the home together for over 50 years...decided there was no way they were removing the women from the home and left.

Clay Greene Vs Sonoma County

One of those stories that just leaves a person shaking their heads in disbelief. From Kate Kendall at Bilerico / NCLRights: Clay and his partner of