Rush Limbaugh Ridicules Elderly, Wonders How "Worthless Offspring" Can Move Back With Them

I'm not really sure if I'm more incensed at this caller or Limbaugh. After all, I expect Rush to be a big-mouthed toad with mush where his brains should be. But the caller leads this off with the usual "f-ck you, I've got mine" attitude when he says this:

LIMBAUGH: If you believe the majority of stories we get about the elderly in this country, that they are, for the most part, just a couple steps away from poverty.

CALLER: Hi, no, I don't believe that, and I hate to say this, but if they are a step away from poverty that is their responsibility because they did not save for their future. It is not my responsibility that you spent all of your money and did not save for your future.

Let's just stop right there. This caller is so arrogant and nasty I'd like to wrap Wall Street around his pencil-necked body. Let's just say for the sake of argument that some seniors actually had investments, and actually had saved for their futures. And let's also say for the sake of argument that they invested those funds in a fairly conservative portfolio of stocks and bonds. And let's go one step further and say that when the market started to tank, they yanked their money out of the market at exactly the wrong time, leaving them with cash earning nearly zero interest, and a balance equal to about 60% of what it was worth a year earlier.

Whose responsibility would that be? Would it be theirs, or the sharks on Wall Street who played fast and loose with other people's money? Oh, and we can go even one step farther and say that those seniors who own their homes outright saw their balance sheets fall even faster. If they were unfortunate enough to have a reverse mortgage on their home, well, they and their heirs might just be out of luck now. But yeah, of course that's their fault.

Ok, leaping ahead to about 1:51, we have Rush saying this:

LIMBAUGH: Young people are moving back in with them. Their moms and dads! And some of these people moving back in are 35 and 40. How old are their moms and dads? 60 and 70, try. But they're 60 and 70 and if they can afford their worthless offspring moving back in with them, just how poverty-stricken are they?

Gosh, I guess Rush missed the part where people lost their homes, jobs and livelihoods, thanks to the Wall Street marauders.

Not everyone can be a right-wing idiotic blowhard like Rush Limbaugh that advertisers are willing to fatten up with big ads because a zillion fools listen to his blowhardiness like it's Jesus preaching the gospel. Some people have to work for a living, and the longer they are out of work, the harder it is for them to get a job. So really, I'm now raising a middle finger to Rush Limbaugh, and suggest you do too.

While you're at it, aim at the caller, too, because obviously yesterday's news is something he doesn't have the brains to remember from one minute to the next. When I hear people like this, I'm ashamed to admit that I truly hope they discover what it feels like to lose it all through no fault of their own, so they can hear white entitled dudes tell them how stupid they were.

[h/t Media Matters]


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