April 4, 2015

Rush Limbaugh is toast. According to one well-informed speculator, his time will be up when his contract runs out on January 1, 2017.

He isn't taking it well. On Thursday, he raged about the "poor pizza parlor owner victims in Indiana" for about 30 seconds before making it all about himself, and women who victimize good decent conservatives like old Rushbo and Indiana Culture Warriors.

But it doesn't matter. And there wasn't one in Indiana, either, and this little pizza store had never done it, had never been asked, had never gone to a wedding, had never catered a wedding, had never had pizzas for anybody that had anything to do with gay weddings, gay marriage, or what have you. That didn't stop the infobabe. The infobabe reports that we've got a real bigot. Look at this little girl, I've got her on tape here, this woman hates homosexuals. She would not cater a gay wedding, and she says so.

I love the way Rushbo and his pals always aim at the women. Infobabe? Seriously? But wait, there's more.

Rush segued from the pizza victims to himself right after that, saying there was really no difference between the intimidation these pizza proprietors got and the mean tweets he has to suffer on Twitter from StopRush activists. Tweets that say things like this to various advertisers:

Oh yes, that's terrible, isn't it? Rush thinks so.

I truly wish that people hadn't decided it was a good idea to threaten those pizza proprietors and barrage them with ugly. Yes, they're haters. Yes, they're culture warriors. And yes, now they're the victimized heroes of the Indiana story, with pledges of almost $900,000 to ease their pain. I don't support anyone threatening anyone else, no matter how righteous they view their cause, and it did no one any favors. But still, look at whiny ass titty baby Rush make it all about him.

We found that 85% of all the tweets and e-mails threatening sponsors of this program are created by 10 people. We know their names. We know where they live. We have released this information in the form of a press release to Drive-By Media outlets. They refuse to run it, predictably. But we know who these people are. We know where they live. One is a madcap environmentalist wacko in Camarillo, California. The other one is an active college professor something I think in Northeast New Hampshire.

Celebrate my day of infamy with me, won't you? I have arrived at last, wrapped in the noble cloak of a "madcap environmentalist wacko." I've always wanted to be a madcap something, and now I am, but I've got to admit that it's a little weird to be described this way by a man who has paid people to dox me fully, along with my children and extended family, not to mention my ex-husband and former employers.

While I'm all about being environmentally conscious, no one I know would describe me as an environmentalist, but everyone knows where I live, thanks to Rush and his pals.

What do you think? Is it creepy and stalkerish to say twice in the span of one breath that "we know your name...we know where you live?" It is to me, especially since there have been past incidents involving men with cameras standing outside my front door snapping pictures while claiming they were photographing my neighbor's house. A quick check with the neighbor indicated that there was absolutely no reason to be taking pictures of her house, either.

It's creepy, but it's also funny as hell. Poor lonely, desperate liar Rushbo, on the radio for three hours a day doing nothing but spewing hate, paying big bucks to get women's addresses so he can dox them on his radio show?

There's no question that this snippet of his rant was intended to be intimidating, threatening, and bullying, but it didn't have the desired effect. When I finally heard about it, I burst out laughing after getting past the slimy sense that a closeted self-hater was doxing me to his audience of no one.

For Rushbo, the center of his existence turns on how nasty and degrading he can be to women, especially women who don't give a damn about his bluster.

Unfortunately, some of the men who still listen to his show do give a damn. After Rush's broadcast Thursday one of the other StopRush volunteers got this lovely communique:

Email addresses redacted

This is, of course, exactly what he intends, and it's not going to get better. Whether it's the "infobabe" or the "madcap environmentalist wacko," Rush Limbaugh will continue to verbally batter women on every opportunity he can, because it's all he knows how to do.

With Hillary running, you can count on him ramping up the lady hate. You can also count on him spewing it to a few militia members and some pathetic old men and no one else.

Stick a fork in Rush. He's done.

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