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AP Still Kneecapping Obama

Gotta love that "librul media"... Daily Kos: What can one say about the Associated Press these days? Rather than realize the error of their ways in

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Strange Death of Liberal America: Suicide: The silent killer of America's Iraq war troops Once Upon a Time: Come September...come January...co


F**k the CPB anvil drop There’s been some rumblings of late inside the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS. Now their witch hunt is appar

I Agree With Karl Rove

I agree with Karl Rove The Next Left Whoa. This is kind of scary. At a forum on the press at a college in Maryland, Karl Rove said of the press, &quo

The Daily Show Wins A Peabody

Comedy Central's spoof news show won its second Peabody Award for election coverage Thursday, with many of the other broadcasting awards going to over