Stewart Slams Congress For Taking Care Of Themselves With Sequester Cuts

I'd say these members of Congress ought to be ashamed of their behavior and taking care of themselves first when it comes to fixing any of this budget sequester debacle that's causing real pain and economic harm to many of the most vulnerable among us, but as Jon Stewart noted in his opening segment this Monday, they really do have no shame.

Hayes Slams Congress For Protecting Air Travelers Alone Among Sequester Victims

Chris Hayes points to the thousands of low-income Americans suffering under sequestration as Congress rushes through a fix for the FAA cuts that were delaying their flights and takes a look at just who members of Congress are responsive to. As you might have guessed, it's the affluent and the donor class and not your average citizen and certainly not the poor.

Drone Crashes At Civilian Airports Are Rising

Don't worry, the defense contractors who make drones will cover up enough of these reports to make their widespread civilian use seem like a fine idea! An inexperienced military contractor, operating by remote control in shorts and a T-shirt

Democrats Cave On Union Busting FAA Funding Bill

Ed Schultz spoke to the Association of Flight Attendents' Veda Shook about the Senate Democrats caving into the Republicans with the passage of the FAA reauthorization bill. Senate Dems Greenlight Key Anti-Union Bill: With the help of Senate