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Morning Open Thread

Morning Open Thread

Sure, it seems extreme, but extreme times call for extreme cartoons. When you have the Republican Speaker of the House threatening a national default, food stamps being slashed while farm subsidies are increased and an attempt to defund a program that has been in existence for four years, things have gone to crazy-land.

Hoyer Takes Cantor To The Woodshed After Farm Bill Blows Up

MSNBC's Alex Wagner opened up this Thursday's The Last Word by reminding the audience that "earlier this week, we asked the question, John Boehner, 'Worst Speaker ever?' After the implosion on the House floor today, I think we can remove the question mark."

Democrats Take 'SNAP Challenge' To Protest House Farm Bill

The average American on food stamps gets just more than $30 a week to shop, but Congress is looking at cutting that budget by 20 percent. Congressman Peter DeFazio is working to prevent those cuts by showing what shopping on food stamps is like.

O'Donnell Calls Out GOP Rep For Using Bible To Justify Cutting Food Stamps

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell took Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher to task for using the bible to justify making billions in cuts to the food stamp program, while, as a member of the House Agriculture Committee, attempting to justify the millions of dollars he receives in federal farm subsidies.