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Barrasso: Tax Increases Are Off The Table To Prevent Sequester

It seems Republicans are ready to die on their sword of protecting tax cuts for the rich and are going to do their best to blame President Obama for their unwillingness to negotiate on anything in good faith. They've been wanting to take a pound of flesh from the working class by slashing our social safety nets and it looks like they might use this sequester to finally get their way:

Farm Supporters Chain Themselves To Giant Pig At Fracking Well Site

Concerned citizens of Western Pennsylvania and friends of Lawrence County farmer Maggie Henry locked themselves to a giant paper-mache pig at the entrance to a Shell Oil Co. natural gas well site in order to protest the company’s threat to local agriculture and food safety. The newly-constructed gas well is located less than 4,000 feet from Henry’s organic pig farm.

New FDA Rules Proposed To Prevent Food Contamination

Progress! This is the kind of nuts-and-bolts stuff that makes a huge difference in our everyday lives. Not incidentally, this is the kind of thing for which we should be able to count on from our federal government, the sort of thing at which