Mike's Blog Roundup

Alternate Brain: One more monstrous, ideologically-driven, BUSHCO clusterf*ck. How are we all not dead? Corrente: Froomkin demolishes Bush's argument

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Rude Pundit: Please don't waterboard Santa, Rudy! The Pentagon is burning billions to equip the soldier of the future. With DANGER ROOM's Holiday

Batocchio's Blog Round Up

Daily Howler: "Inauthentic" is the new "traitor to his class." A Tiny Revolution : It's always a comfort when our envoys "like this violence." Sh

A Bad Week For The Politico

Amanda checks into the incredible number of mistakes the crackerjack team led by the ex-Washington Post man---John Harris---has accumulated in less th

Mike's Blog Roundup

Daily Howler: As C&L readers know, the estimable Dan Froomkin wrote that the MSM should start calling "bullshit" when they see it. The p


Froomkin The legislation before the Senate today would ban torture, but let Bush define it; would allow the president to imprison indefinitely anyone