A Question For Howard Kurtz

Howie wrote this today: "John Amato at Crooks and Liars says: "The Washington Post continues to become more and more a mouthpiece for the GOP by hiri

Washington Responds: Not

Atrios has been on top of this story all day. I like it when the WaPo doesn't have the guts to answer a very basic question like this one: Tapped: Q

Torture On Cheney

Torture on Cheney Steve Inskeep talks with Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, about the influence o

Ted Nugent

And By The Way . . . The Peach If you want to get a better sense of who Tom DeLay is strumming up support from, one only need look at who spoke at th

Anymore Froomkins Around?

Exiled from the Underworld Today, I wish to direct attention to Dan Froomkin, who writes the "White House Briefing" feature for the Washington Post.

George Bush Goes Off Message

Dan Froomkin from the Washington Post is bemused at how George W. Bush rewrites history. Does he really think now that he didn't oppose the 9/11 Commi