A Libertarian Dream: The "Sharing Economy"

A Libertarian Dream: The "Sharing Economy"

As the FTC takes a look at the sharing economy, they need to think through what it would mean for our broader economy, and the danger of creating the Wild West in certain marketplaces. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are seeking not only to disrupt existing industries with their new technology-- but also to disrupt the nature of regulation in the modern economy. They are a libertarian's dream in terms of creating economic models without rules. No rules, though, mean a dangerous world and we'd better slow down and take a look at what the realities are of how this will play out for regular folks.

Is BofA’s Foreclosure Review Really Independent?

Late last year, the country's bank regulators launched a massive program to evaluate millions of foreclosure cases and compensate homeowners who fell victim to the banks' flawed or illegal practices. Regulators dubbed it the "Independent Foreclosure Review" to emphasize that the banks would not be making key decisions about loans they had made or serviced.

Scammers Gotta Scam: ACA Edition

Well, that didn't take long. Not even two weeks after the ink on the Supreme Court opinions dried, scammers are taking to the telephones to try and wheedle personal information out of people. And boy howdy, does this sound like a right wing scam to

May 18, 1982 - The Elephant In The Room.

News of the day, this day in history for May 18, 1982 - Soviet Premier Brezhnev calls for freeze in new nuclear weapons. Falkland Islands crisis negotiation continues, not hopeful. Fiscal '83 debate in Senate heating up. Senate votes on controversial used car disclosure proposal. Israeli Prime Minister Begin loses Majority in the Knesset as two members quit the Likud Party to join opposition Labor Party.