Kids Reenact The First Thanksgiving

American history is brought to life by adorable children in this truer-to-life-than-you-likely-read-in-your-history-books reenactment of the fir

Mike's Blog Roundup

Outta the Cornfield:  Last year's Memorial Day post will be next year's as well The Seminal: War and the reasons Leftist Grandpa: The 'Terror Plot'

Mike's Blog Round Up

I'm Manila Ryce, and today is my final round-up. You can catch me at my own blog, The Largest Minority, after today. If being a perpetual liar is coo

Mike's Blog Round Up

The 'Tude:  Muslims in Afghanistan?  Who knew? Connecting.the.Dots: Almost six years after the Twin Towers fell, the attack has claimed two more li