Glass-Steagall Act

The Return Of Glass-Steagall?

The Return Of Glass-Steagall?

The sponsors said in a statement that the legislation would make big banks that are "too big to fail" smaller and safer and minimize the likelihood of a government bailout.

Phil Gramm: Repealing Glass-Steagall Didn't Cause Crash

Phil Gramm, who was working for the banks even before he was working for the banks (if you know what I mean), tries to do retroactive damage control after statements by Sanford Weill that it was a mistake to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act - you

The Citigroup CEO Who Broke Glass-Steagall Wants It Back

This is a statement that is probably going to change the political landscape, considering how much Sandy Weill had to do with this mess. Most people don't seem to know the story of Weill basically playing chicken with the Clinton administration.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Break Up The Big Banks

After the news that JP Morgan Chase lost $2 billion on high-risk credit derivatives this week, as usual, Sen. Bernie Sanders was one of our few voices of reason out there about what to do with these still too-big-to-fail institutions -- break them