Mike's Blog Round Up

Hi, there, a quick introduction. I'm Carl, better known at Crooks and Liars as Actor212 (Props to my homies, like TPM). I have a humble little blog ca

The Un-Sweet Sixteen With the Sweet Sixteen set to tip off today, the Democratic National Committee announced the brackets for it's annual Republican &

Voting Open Thread

UPDATE: Christy has this: UPDATE: Laura Ingraham has asked her listeners to call the Dem Voter protection hotline — and they are now being f

My Voting Experience

I just got back from voting and we suffered from a "glitch". As I was voting, my ballot started off with governor and then worked down throu

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Left Coaster: More bad apples, or the natural fruit of an outlaw regime? Bring it On! American Legion condemns Chickenhawks A Liberal Dose: You