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Michele Bachmann plus John Quincy Adams equals Best. Blingee. Ever. Back in the time of the founding fathers of July, 1776, John Quincy was about to turn 9. That's okay, we understand that at age 9, Michele Bachmann was working

Mike's Blog Roundup

Pam's House Blend: Q of the day: What do you think John McCain is doing to celebrate the repeal of DADT? skippy the bush kangaroo: false remedies to fix a false economy Mad Kane’s Political Madness: Intelligence Redesigned The

Mike's Blog Roundup

Many thanks and much love to the bloggers who guested here while I was running around Europe for the past ten weeks. And...HERE THEY ARE! Vagabond Scholar: The Rich and Wealthy (Now in Video!) The Reaction: Yes, Nixon was a bigot. What